Indigenous resources

Kimberley Healthy Adults Project Education Material

NARI has developed a set of guides for clinicians to use when working with older Aboriginal people in the remote communities of the Kimberley region.  The guides are a useful and practical reference for clinicians and focus on an overview, risk factors, strategies and resources. Funding came through the West Australian Centre for Health and Ageing as well as the NHMRC. 

Guides for Clinicians  guides_for_clinicians.pdf

Continence poster khap_continence_support_poster.pdf

Depression poster khap_depression_poster.pdf

Falls poster khap_falls_poster.pdf

Pain poster khap_pain_poster.pdf

Indigenous Cognitive Assessment: KICA Assessment Tool Victoria, Phase 1.

The original KICA is an instrument to assess dementia in older aborigines in remote settings. The modified tool (KICA Regional Urban) is available here for download and was developed for Urban and Regional Victorian settings, although it should also be appropriate for use in Urban and Regional settings Australia-wide. Also available for download here are updated pictures to accompany the modified tool.  

KICA Regional urban (cognitive section) -  KICA urban cognitive

KICA Reg Urban Pictures updated - Urban pictures

KICA Reg Urban Alt guitar picture - Urban guitar

For more information, please contact Steve Savvas (phone: 03 8387 2465).