This project evaluates the efficacy of a culturally adapted community-based intervention for family caregivers. Funded by the US National Institute of Health, it strengthens Vietnam’s dementia research capacity to develop the next generation of dementia researchers in Vietnam.

Low and middle-income countries (LMIC) such as Vietnam are undergoing a dramatic demographic transition that will substantially increase the number of older adults, including those with dementia, over the next 30 years. Dementia is among the most disabling and costly neurodegenerative brain diseases and adversely impacts the well-being of family caregivers.

This project will strengthen LMIC capacity to support family caregivers of persons with dementia through low-cost and sustainable non-pharmacological approaches. Such approaches, including education and skill-building to deal with changed behaviours in the person with dementia (PWD), are vital to avoid costly and ineffective alternatives such as psychotropic medications or institutionalisation, and to reduce caregiver burdens and depression. While evidence-based non-pharmacological interventions for family caregivers exist in high-income countries (HIC), their efficacy has not been tested in Vietnam and many other LMIC. A lack of both scientific evidence and "in-country" research capacity are major impediments to Vietnam as it grapples with the public health challenges of dementia.

To address these critical gaps in Vietnam, we will test the efficacy of a culturally adapted community-based intervention for family caregivers and strengthen Vietnam’s dementia research capacity. We will attract the best and brightest researchers from around Vietnam to dementia research through our seed funding scheme. We will connect them with HIC mentors to build relationships and collaborations with leaders in the field around the globe.

If you are a dementia researcher from an HIC and interested in the capacity building component of the project to support Vietnamese dementia researchers, please contact NARI’s A/Prof Tuan Anh Nguyen.

Contact: A/Prof Tuan Nguyen