Active ageing in the outdoors for older people: working together for a healthier world

Creating inclusive and accessible outdoor environments that encourage and provide opportunities for older adults to engage in physical activity and social interaction is important for healthy ageing.

The National Ageing Research Institute in partnership with several local governments, government bodies and stakeholders have been working together to create age-friendly outdoor spaces for older people to engage in physical and social activities for healthier and liveable cities and communities in Victoria.

The design of outdoor public spaces, including parks, leisure spaces and outdoor exercise equipment should be inclusive of all ages and abilities. We have provided some practical recommendations and suggestions for the design of age friendly outdoor spaces.

For further details please contact the project leader Professor Pazit Levinger.

Lark Industries logoThe Seniors Exercise Park features a range of outdoor exercise equipment designed for older people to help improve balance, strength, functional movement, joint range of motion and mobility.

The Seniors Exercise Park includes unstable surfaces which challenge balance, coordination and core strength. The equipment is supplied by Lark Industries and Lappset Group Ltd.

Council and community organisations can access further recommendations for designing active outdoor spaces for older people.

You can watch a video or download a tip sheet on how to start using the exercise park below. You can also find a Seniors Exercise Park near you using our interactive map.

Instructions for using the Seniors Exercise Park