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Victorian falls and balance service directory

The Victorian Falls and Balance Service Directory provides details of the clinics and programs operated by public hospitals and community health services in Victoria for older people who have had a fall or are at risk of falling.


Author: Kathryn Squires

Mental health tips for aged care workers and managers

NARI has mental health tips and strategies to help aged care workers and managers best handle stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic, to optimise wellbeing.


Author: Kathryn Squires

Sharing stories in more languages to raise awareness of dementia

Moving Pictures has launched twelve new short films in Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, and Spanish , aimed at raising awareness about dementia among culturally and linguistically diverse communities.


Author: Kathryn Squires

Art Centres Supporting our Elders

This good news story uses several short films to share the ways in which three Aboriginal community controlled art centres are supporting older people and those living with dementia in remote communities.


Author: Kathryn Squires

Pain Management Guide Toolkit for Aged Care, 2nd ed.

This free resource helps Australian residential aged care facilities implement the book Pain in Residential Aged Care Facilities: Management Strategies, 2nd Edition.


Author: Kathryn Squires

Age-positive language guide

As part of our commitment to combatting ageism, NARI has developed an age-positive language guide. The guide provides practical examples of how words, phrases, and images can better portray older people and combat ageism.


Author: Kathryn Squires


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Latest News

  • A new chapter for Professor Briony Dow and NARI

    NARI would like to express its deepest thanks to Professor Briony Dow, whose leadership has shaped NARI’s role in the sector, leading to life-changing translational research projects and consumer-led innovation. After almost a decade leading the organisation, Professor Dow will step down from her role as Director in May 2024. Read more

  • National Ageing Research Institute find new home in country’s capital

    NARI has opened its new national office in Canberra, to better connect with government, industry partners, and fellow researchers on the issues facing older Australians and the opportunities for lasting change. Read more

  • Ageism rife, even as the world prepares to celebrate Older Persons

    NARI is urging Australians to be more aware of how they may unknowingly demonstrate ageism, ahead of the International Day of Older Persons this Sunday, 1 October. “We unfortunately see ageist attitudes across all aspects of our society, and it's often so deeply ingrained we don't necessarily recognise it,” NARI Executive Director, Professor Briony Dow, said. Read more

  • Women’s Health Week: Time to put research into older women’s health on the agenda

    NARI is calling for the health of older women to be highlighted. This year's Women’s Health Week and the NARI Annual Summit 'Menopause and Beyond', provide valuable opportunities to focus on how older women can be empowered to manage their health into older age. Read more