Instructional sign in seniors exercise parkThe ENJOY-ME-APP is a mobile application aims to assist park visitors to use the Seniors Exercise Park safely.

Our newly constructed sites at Ivanhoe Park (Ivanhoe) and Mount Pleasant Reserve (Ballarat) include QR codes on the main park signage and at each of the pieces of equipment.

These QR codes will help you to get started.

Please scan the QR code using your smart phone to view further information about the Seniors Exercise Park.

How does QR work?

Example of a QR codeQR is short for Quick Response and they can be read quickly by a mobile phone.
Some mobile phones have an in-built QR Code scanners in their native camera, however some mobile phones will require need you to download a QR Code application (‘mobile app’).

Follow the steps below:

1. Open the camera on your smart phone
2. Line up the QR code in the camera frame and open the notification banner that appears to open its contents
3. If there are no notification banners and nothing happens then you may need a QR code application (follow the steps below).

How to download a QR code application* to my mobile phone

1. Open your ‘App Store’ or Google ‘Playstore’
2. In the search menu type in: ‘Kaspersky QR Reader and Scanner’ Neoreader Barcode Scanner (this is a free QR code app suitable for most mobile phone types)
3. Click on the ‘search’ function
4. Once you found the app, click on ‘install’
5. Once installed open the QR app (you may be required to agree to the terms and conditions)
6. If the following message appears: ‘aAllow to access photos, media and other files on your device’, click ‘allow’.
7. Open the app and line app the QR code in front of your mobile phone
8. Then click on ‘open in browser’.
9. You should be able to view the content now.

There may be several free QR code scanner apps available, you can choose the one you like.

*The QR code app may require mobile data usage which may incur additional charges, please contact your network service provider for details.