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Providing support for a family member or friend living with dementia can be challenging and is most often portrayed and researched in terms of negative outcomes, such as depression, burden, and chronic stress. While there are negative mental and physical health impacts associated with caring, this is not the full picture.

As part of the ‘Creative Caring’ study, NARI worked with family carers to co-design the video: ‘Finding my way: Sharing tips on supporting people living with dementia’ that portrays what carers themselves view as important and helpful in caring for someone with dementia. This video aims to provide a more balanced view of the experience of caring.

The video presents carers’ stories and experiences about supporting a person living with dementia. It shows the diversity of the caring experience, including challenging, positive, and rewarding aspects of caring.

Topics include advocating for the person living with dementia and making difficult decisions, “it takes a village” to stay connected and supported, finding humour and joy and importance of music, art and other ways of connecting.

The video may be useful for those who know or support carers, to provide an insight into the caring role and to promote a better understanding of the carer experience. It also targets those who currently support someone with dementia who may benefit from hearing the views and perspectives of other carers.


Supports are available for people with a diagnosis of dementia and for people supporting them:

  • Navigating services and supports
  • Counselling
  • Education and information

If this video raises any issues or concerns for you, please contact your doctor or one of the following organisations:

They can also connect you to support in your local area.

“What a brilliant resource this will be for anyone who is starting, or travelling, along the carer journey... This timeless resource will be one of both reassurance and information for so many.” Project advisor and supporter of spouse living with dementia.