The Pain Management Guide Toolkit for Aged Care, 2nd Edition (also known as the PMG toolkit, 2nd edition) is a free resource to help implement the book Pain in Residential Aged Care Facilities: Management Strategies, 2nd Edition.

NARI has partnered with the Australian Pain Society to develop the PMG toolkit. The toolkit was funded by the Department of Health (Australian Government), from the Dementia and Aged Care Services Fund.

Ready-made printable resources are also included in the toolkit, such as:

  • Fact sheets for residents and families, personal care workers and aged care staff, and health professionals
  • General handouts on key pain principles
  • Posters
  • Pain assessment scales and templates, including pain care goal plans, self-report pain scales, observational pain scales, multidimensional pain scales, and nutritional scales
  • Systems and governance documents, including quality indicators for pain, a pain management audit checklist, and a pain action plan for residential care
  • Case studies.

The PMG Toolkit, 2nd edition is a free resource for Australian residential aged care facilities. It will be available in late 2021.

Contact: Dr Steven Savvas