Managing incontinence and promoting continence in residential aged care homes is a significant social, psychological and physical issue that warrants attention. Most people living in residential aged care homes require assistance to maintain continence or to manage incontinence. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety heard compelling first hand evidence that the quality of continence care in this setting does not align with community expectations.

We are conducting research that will result in a model of best practice for continence care in residential aged care homes. Funded by the Continence Foundation of Australia, the model is informed by:

  • expert advice
  • consulting with people working in residential aged care homes
  • consulting with relatives of people living in aged care homes, and
  • scientific evidence.

The researchers have drafted a model and resources and are now keen to evaluate their acceptability, appropriateness, feasibility and applicability for use in Australian residential aged care homes. If your home would like to participate in this evaluation, please contact the research team at NARI.

Contact: Dr Joan Ostaszkiewicz