Age Encounters shows older people and younger people being interviewed about what age means to them and how they view the other generation.

This video documentary project asked 10 younger people and 10 older people questions about age; ageism; and their perception of the other generation. They were asked about challenges the other group might face and whether they could identify possibilities for solidarity between the two generations.

We found that most intergenerational relationships are respectful and occur within the family. Any lack of generational understanding appeared to be due to a lack of relationships outside of the family, leading to a reliance on assumptions and recognized stereotypes. When opportunities for intergenerational relationships and shared spaces were available, the stereotypes were not applied.

Dow B, Joosten M, Kimberly H & Biggs S. (2016) Age Encounters: Exploring age and intergenerational identity. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 14(2):104-118. doi:10.1080/15350770.2016.1160731.

Contact: Briony Dow [email protected]