This Discussion Paper, authored by NARI Ambassadors Dr Don Edgar and Dr Patricia Edgar, analyses generational conflicts and how to create a more positive intergenerational future.

“More than one in five Australians are living in multi-generational households… this adds to the diversity and complexity of daily living, particularly since the advent of COVID-19,” the Edgars say.

The paper argues that the repeated assertion that there is conflict between ‘Baby Boomers’ and ‘Millennials’ is “based on inaccurate assumptions and is damaging socially when the nation faces an ageing population that is  increasingly multi-generational”.

The Edgars call “for a more nuanced discussion of ‘the ageing problem’, or the so-called ‘intergenerational conflict’, and for policies aimed at removing inequality across the entire system”.

Our Intergenerational Future: Co-operation Not Conflict