These guides and posters are for clinicians to use when working with older Aboriginal people in the remote communities of the Kimberley region. The guides are a useful and practical reference for clinicians.

TopicsImage of falls poster

  • Good practice principles
  • Falls
  • Pain
  • Continence
  • Depression
  • Dementia

Each guide provides an overview and gives information on risk factors, strategies and resources.

There are posters on each topic with brief visual information for consumers.

Kimberley Healthy Adults Project

Image of pain posterThe Kimberley Healthy Adults Project explored the rates of chronic health 
conditions in older Aboriginal people living in remote areas. The study aimed to find out the rates of memory and thinking problems, depression, risk of falls and injury, incontinence and chronic pain. This helps to understand what predicts these conditions and to identify interventions that could protect older people from experiencing them.  

The guides were developed by NARI and funded by the West Australian Centre for Health and Ageing and the NHMRC.

Kimberley Healthy Ageing Project: Guides for clinicians

Continence poster

Depression poster

Falls poster

Pain poster