NARI examined the health and well-being needs, expectations and priorities of older Victorians at six key stages in later life in a report for the Victorian Department of Health (DH).Victoria State Health Logo

Engaging with Older People

NARI engaged with older Victorians through a combination of face-to-face focus groups, social media discussion (hosted on Facebook) and an online survey.

Over 310 older people, and 60 carers of older people, participated in the project. The research explored opinions, attitudes and lived-experience on issues about health and ageing:

  • Remaining healthy and active
  • Supporting the management of multi-morbidity and/or frailty when living in the community
  • Seeking hospital care in a crisis for sudden health issues
  • Regaining independence after being unwell
  • Needing specialist aged care support, and
  • Requiring end of life care.

'I think we really have to look… at what we can do to look after ourselves as we get older. We don’t prepare [for old age]. Like, I knew intellectually that everybody got older, but not me. I wasn’t going to get older.'   Focus Group Participant

Future Directions for Health Care

This project developed an evidence base for Victorian Department of Health (DH) to support future policy development on ageing throughout the life course. This will help to ensure that the future delivery of health care in Victoria is responsive to the needs of older people and informed by their expectations and priorities.

Contact: Amy Parker

What Do Older People Want From Their Healthcare?