Professor Tracy Comans

B.Econ (Hons), B.Phty, PhD

Director, NARI

Prof Tracy Comans is the Director of the National Ageing Research Institute, a position she leverages to influence aged care policy and quality on a national scale and Professor in the Centre for Health Services Research, University of Queensland. With her extensive background in health policy, health economics and physiotherapy, Prof Comans brings a unique perspective to her role, bridging the gap between evidence and policy. Prof Comans has been instrumental in shaping aged care policy, using her research to inform and influence implementation of the Royal Commission recommendations. Her work has led to significant advancements in the reporting of the quality of aged care services.

Prof Comans worked for over 20 years in hospital and community settings specializing in geriatric and rehabilitation physiotherapy with embedded research and has worked for over a decade as a university researcher. She works closely with industry, people with lived experience and health care providers to develop a program of research focused on improving the quality of aged care services that is relevant to the needs of these groups.

Email: [email protected]