April 2020: Seminars in Ageing

Seminars are held on Tuesdays 12.00 –1.00pm
NARI Seminar Room, Building 9,
Gate 4, 34-54 Poplar Road, Parkville, VIC

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April 7th

Presenter: Dr Juan Sanin, Lecturer, RMIT School of Industrial Design (Cancelled)

Topic: Creative Wellbeing

April 14th

Presenter: A/Prof Frances Batchelor and Stephanie Garratt, NARI (Cancelled)


April 21st

Presenter: Dr Rebecca Iseli, Geriatrician, RMH (Cancelled)

Topic: Wounds update

April 28th

Presenter: Dr Judith Harrison, Clinical Research Fellow & Psychiatry Trainee, Cardiff University (Cancelled)

Topic: Alzheimer's disease pathway-specific polygenic scores, multi-modal structural brain imaging markers and blood metabolic markers