RN, GCert Cont Prom, GCertHE, MNurs-Res, PhD

Aged Care Research Program Director

Dr Joan Ostaszkiewicz is a Registered Nurse with clinical and academic expertise in gerontological nursing education and research. Joan leads a program of research that aims to improve the quality of care for older people who require aged care services. Her research output includes; (i) a framework to promote dignity-protective continence care, (ii) a workforce model of care for the residential aged care, (iii) national resources for continence management in residential aged care facilities, (iv) evidence-based resources on continence care in acute, and sub-acute care settings, (v) a Grounded theory about providing continence care in residential aged care facilities. Joan has published 58 peer reviewed journal articles, 5 systematic reviews/meta-analyses, and 5 book chapters, and presented at 55 conferences.

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