Wei-Hsuan (Michelle) Chiu

BBiomed (Hons), GDipPsych (Adv)

Research Assistant

Michelle is a Research Assistant within the Aged Care Division of the National Ageing Research Institute. Her primary role is to assist the BEFRIENDING with GENIE project, working on the development of an intervention to reduce loneliness and increase social support and service access for people living with dementia and their caregivers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Michelle is also a PhD candidate at the Melbourne Medical School of the University of Melbourne and holds an honorary position at Neuropsychiatry of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Her research focuses on the interrelationship between neuropsychiatric symptoms, cognition and biomarkers in neurocognitive disorders. She has experience working with people living with young onset neurodegenerative disorders and primary psychiatric disorders. She is a current executive committee member and student representative of the National Younger Onset Dementia Special Interest Group.

Further Information: ORCID ID

Email: [email protected]