Peter Feldman

M As Ev

Research Fellow

Peter joined NARI in 2018 after working on a joint project investigating older men’s attitudes to ageing and suicide. The projects he has contributed to since then include: Evaluation of AAG SUBSTANCE program; Older People at Risk of Homelessness; Seniors Staying Well at Home; Elder abuse in the context of dementia; Seven year trend analysis of elder abuse data; Report on integrated aged care to the Royal Commission.

In previous academic and government appointments he has evaluated large-scale government initiatives in early childhood services, neighbourhood renewal, and TAFE funding, and co-designed a pilot project in consumer-directed community aged care with care clients, their carers and service providers. As an external consultant to non-government agencies he has evaluated numerous programs that assist marginalised communities in the domains of homelessness and housing, drop-in and crisis services, and drug and alcohol recovery.

Email: [email protected]