Dr Patricia Edgar and Dr Don Edgar were appointed inaugural Ambassadors to NARI in 2014.

Photo of Patricia and Don Edgar

Dr Patricia Edgar has had a long career at the forefront of media for children nationally and internationally, winning multiple awards for her achievements and programs. In 2013 she turned her attention to ageing and as author of a well-received book In Praise of Ageing, has become a sought after commentator in this field.

Dr Don Edgar is one of Australia's best-known authorities on social trends as they affect families, communities and the workplace.

In 2017, the Edgars authored Peak: Reinventing Middle Age, an insightful look at the need for reinvention of middle age both on a personal level and in terms of social policy. It includes ten short biographies of Australians who have embraced their middle age in a variety of interesting and inspirational ways.

The Edgars were also among the co-authors of the NARI policy paper The New Middle Age: Ways to thrive in the longevity economy, that offers ideas for reform in four areas of public policy in order to respond to the growing demographic of middle aged Australians.

Upon their appointment, the Edgars said that the opportunity to become involved with NARI and highlight its research on ageing well was a good fit with their goal to help promote positive perceptions of ageing.

'What NARI is doing through its research – and why we are supporting the Institute – is enabling practical outcomes to help people age well, manage disease better, continue to contribute as carers, workers and volunteers,' said Dr Patricia Edgar.