BSc (Hons Nutrition), MSc (Nutrition & Dietetics), PhD (Nutritional Epidemiology)

Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Research Fellow

After 15 years as a clinical dietitian, Tania transitioned to research dietetics facilitating randomised control trials (RCT) to test the traditional Med Diet pattern vs a standard care diet as a model for prevention and/or management of chronic diseases. Her research interests lie in combining evidence-based dietary patterns, cuisines, and lifestyle interventions to improve the health outcomes of adults in their advancing years.

In 2019, after completing her Ph.D., Tania joined NARI’s Social Gerontology division as a bilingual Greek-speaking researcher to work on the Moving Pictures Project and ADAPT short films for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. She is a Research Fellow and the Project Manager for the DrawCare study to facilitate the co-design of culturally adapted, multilingual digital resources and a randomized control trial to test these resources aimed at reducing carer burden and improving the quality of life for CALD family carers and their loved ones living with dementia. Tania is an advocate for improving diet quality to support older people living at home or, in residential aged care factoring in cultural background and traditional cuisines.





Drawing out care study

Email: [email protected]