Melbourne Ageing Research Collaboration (MARC)

Melbourne Ageing Research Collaboration

The Melbourne Ageing Research Collaboration (MARC) is a unique collaboration of health, research, aged care and advocacy organisations working together to improve the lives of older people.

Our vision is that older people received the best possible care and support through services, programs and policies which support health and optimal quality of life.

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Hospitalisation can lead to functional decline for older people and can increase the risk of falls after discharge, leading to injuries, readmissions and poor health outcomes. If risk factors for falls and functional decline are addressed during the stay in hospital, it is possible that this could decrease falls in the period after discharge. Immobility is can lead to both functional decline and falls. Immobility can result in reduced muscle mass and decreased muscle strength. Insufficient physical activity during hospitalisation can lead to multiple problems such as falls, frailty, and complex hospital to home transitions. Mobility and functional exercise programs have been shown to be effective in preventing immobility. Practices related to preventing falls and promoting functional mobility/physical activity should be encouraged to address immobility during an inpatient stay and improve outcomes following discharge. This study aims to determine the feasibility and impacts of implementing an intervention to promote mobility for older inpatients during and after their hospital stay.


  1. Integrated knowledge translation approach to be used
  2. Framework for interventions and common outcomes to be determined by the project team
  3. Each site (St Vincent's and Western Health) to understand the issue at their site through (1) review of how patient mobility is achieved whilst in and after hospital, (2) understanding clinical staff attitudes to patient mobility and (3) understanding patient attitudes to in-hospital mobility
  4. Each site to select and implement an appropriate intervention with support from the project team
  5. Process and outcome evaluation of the intervention


NARI, St Vincent’s Health, Western Health, Deakin University.

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