Half-Day workshop

Nutrition and physical activity are modifiable lifestyle factors for optimising health across the lifespan, including in older age. Both play a role in promoting heart and brain health and social well-being and are essential in prevention of malnutrition. Opportunities to improve food intake and physical activity can support and enhance quality of life for older people.

This workshop will address the following Aged Care standards
  • Aged Care Standard 3 - Personal and Clinical Care
  • Aged Care Standard 4 - Services and supports for daily living

Who Should Attend?

  • Staff working in the community, hospital or residential aged care settings
  • People who are new to the field of aged care and care for older people
  • Allied health professionals with an interest in ageing and aged care


Dr Tania Thodis

Professor Pazit Levinger

Leona Kosowicz

Jess Barry

For further information

Email: [email protected]