Longevity: The alternative perspective and impact of ageing

Presenter: Professor Laurie Buys

About the presentation

Globally, governments often use long held assumptions to plan and deliver services to older people. However ‘ageing’ has embarked on significant, if not transformational change - driven by local and global shifts or mega trends in population demographics, digital transformation and consumer and societal expectations. Future 65-year-olds won’t be the same as current 65-year-olds... we are changing in many ways, and most importantly... our expectations are changing.

In Australia, the 5th Intergenerational Report (2021) projects that “real gross domestic product (GDP) will grow at 2.6% pa over the next 40 years, compared with 3% pa over the past 40 years.” Economic growth requires inputs including more resources that increase productivity and increasing labour force participation to enhance productive capacity. By sustaining and leveraging a productive workforce and extending opportunities and choices for older people, new expectations and opportunities can be created. This presentation will discuss igniting longevity as a social and economic asset.

About the presenter

Laurie Buys, PhD is Professor of Healthy Ageing, Faculty of Health Sciences at the Australian Catholic University. She focuses on and facilitates partnerships between industry, government and researchers to address complex challenges and opportunities resulting from longevity and healthy ageing. Her research directly explores the understanding of, and accountability for, the real effects felt by older people resulting from changes in their physical, economic and social life. She is Past President of the Australian Association of Gerontology and has over 200 refereed publications.

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