Presenter: Claire Ganzon, Engaged Art Therapy

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About the presentation

Art therapy is an evidence-based intervention that is well-suited to provide support to older people in residential aged care and people living with dementia. It has been shown to improve mood, provide cognitive stimulation, and facilitate creative expression. In this presentation, Claire will expand on the value of art therapy in RAC by providing findings from recent research, and describe what makes it an effective non-pharmacological intervention for people living with dementia. 

About the presenter

Claire is a registered art therapist working with older people in residential aged care. Claire completed her Master in Art Therapy in La Trobe University in 2018. During her placement in a palliative care setting, Claire developed a novel approach to art therapy called “Art On Behalf” wherein the art therapist co-creates the artwork with the patient, making it more accessible to people with physical limitations. 
Claire has been responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of the Leisure and Lifestyle program in a residential aged care home. After witnessing how transformative art engagement was for the residents living with dementia, Claire pursued art therapy full time through her private practice Engaged Art Therapy. Claire currently provides individual art therapy to residents in aged care homes around Melbourne.

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