Optimising the Moral Resilience of Residential Aged Care Nurses

Presenter: A/Prof Lucio Naccarella (University of Melbourne) and Karrie Long (Royal Melbourne Hospital)

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About the presentation

Nurses are the primary providers of direct care in residential aged care facilities - recognised stressful workplaces. COVID-19 has led to multiple moral stressors upon aged care nurses, resulting in moral distress leading to increased fatigue, burnout, and impacting on mental health and wellbeing. This webinar focuses upon how to optimise moral resilience amongst aged care nurses, by reflecting initially upon COVID-19 impacts upon healthcare workers, followed by why moral resilience matters to aged care nurses in practice, and finally a research agenda to support the moral resilience of aged care nurses. 

About the presenter

Lucio Naccarella is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Health Policy at the University of Melbourne. He is leading health systems researcher, teacher and evaluator, with interests in systems change, health system literacy, aged care workforce design, teamwork, and health workforce reforms, from a policy, research and practice perspective.

Karrie Long has held both clinical leadership and management positions across regional and metropolitan health services over her 30 years of nursing . More recently these positions have focused on designing and leading the digitization of the Victorian health system  as a means to increase access and equity to healthcare. Karrie currently holds the position of Director Nursing Research Hub at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, ensuring  greater quality and safety in health services by empowering nurses to lead and conduct research. Karrie is a Board Director at  Northeast Health Wangaratta and an Non Executive Director within the Education sector. She  holds adjunct positions at the University of Melbourne, Swinburne and La Trobe Universities.

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