Presenter: Janet Anderson, Commissioner of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

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About the presentation

A person’s experience of aged care is unique to that individual.  It is shaped by the degree of match between the care provided at a point in time and the person’s unique cultural identity, personal goals, values and preferences as these have accreted and evolved over their life.  How can an aged care provider get it right for everyone all the time?  What role does regulation play in this regard?  The presentation will explore how the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, as the national regulator of aged care, seeks to navigate the cross-currents of competing expectations with the twin aims of protecting aged care consumers from harm and promoting their wellbeing and quality of life.

About the presenter

Janet was appointed as inaugural Commissioner of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission in January 2019, bringing to this role the knowledge, skills and experience she has accumulated over many years working in the areas of aged care and health policy, strategy and planning.

Immediately prior to becoming Commissioner, Janet was the Deputy CEO and then acting CEO of the Department of Health in the Northern Territory.  Over the last 20 or so years, she has also held executive positions in the NSW Department of Health, the Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Commonwealth Department of Health.

In 2009, Janet was awarded a Public Service Medal for her significant contributions to health policy development and reform - contributions she is seeking to build on through the Commission’s work with the aged care sector in pursuing improvements in every older person’s experience of aged care.

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