Ageing-in-place: what about the 'have nots'?

Presenter: Dr Victoria Cornell, ECH (Enabling Confidence at Home)

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About the presentation

Ageing-in-place has been shown to increase mental and physical health outcomes for older people, and it is also what most people want for their later lives. Ageing-in-place supports ongoing connection to community and a sense of place.  

For some older people to maintain their health and wellbeing and to remain in their homes as they age, home‐based aged care services are needed, the effective delivery of which assumes that the recipient's housing is appropriate, stable and affordable. However, a growing number of older people are living in housing that is not appropriate, stable, affordable or secure.  

This presentation will outline the changing housing situations of current and future older populations, and explore the implications of this, and potential solutions. What do we need to do to support the ‘have nots’ to age-in-place, in a safe, secure and affordable way?

About the presenter

Victoria is the Housing Research Manager at ECH, one of the largest providers of independent living and aged care services in South Australia, and an Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide. These roles, straddling academic and service-based research and development, give her a unique insight into translating research to action.

As a social gerontologist, Victoria’s areas of research interest include aged care provision, community connectedness, the built environment and housing - especially alternative models of housing, and housing for vulnerable older people. Victoria is the nominee of SA Division for the Australian Board of Directors of the AAG and Trustee of the AAG Research Trust, and is the convenor of the AAG’s Housing and the Built Environment special interest group.

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