Home-based rehabilitation for geriatric inpatients: evaluation of RMH@Home subacute

Presenter: Dr Paula Loveland, RMH

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About the presentation

Deconditioning following acute hospitalisation is a significant problem for geriatric patients, resulting in a frequent need for inpatient rehabilitation. Home-based inpatient rehabilitation using a bed-substitution model offers the potential for person-centred care outside of hospital walls. It is recognised as efficacious and cost-effective compared to hospital-based rehabilitation for selected patients recovering from acute orthopaedic conditions and stroke, but has not been widely studied for general geriatric inpatients.

Paula will present outcomes from a study evaluating the home-based bed-substitution rehabilitation service for geriatric inpatients at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, RMH@Home subacute. This is a sub-study of the REStORing health of acutely unwell adults (RESORT) longitudinal study led by Professor Andrea Maier. She will present data including patient phenotype, service provision, objective measures of physical activity and outcomes at discharge and 3-months.

About the presenter

Paula Loveland is a clinician currently in her final year of Advanced Training specialising in Geriatric Medicine. After completing her first two years of training at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, where this project was completed, she is now a Clinical Research Fellow and PhD candidate at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research investigating blood-based biomarkers in Lewy body dementia. She hopes to continue contributing to development of healthcare that offers patient-centred care to older adults.

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