Daily basic psychological need satisfaction and affect in middle and older adulthood

Presenters: Associate Professor Tim Windsor, Flinders University

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About the presentation

Research shows that older adults typically report less negative emotion relative to younger adults. Although several explanations have been offered to account for this so-called “paradox of well-being” the possible underlying mechanisms are not yet well understood. In this talk I will present preliminary findings from a daily diary study of 152 adults aged 53 to 86, that examined links between age, need satisfaction and frustration, and affect. The results suggest that daily associations between need satisfaction, need frustration and affect may be different for middle-aged and older adults, which could us to understand processes underlying the maintenance of well-being in later life.   

About the presenter

Tim Windsor is an Associate Professor in Psychology in the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work at Flinders University. Tim’s research focuses on psychosocial aspects of adult development and ageing. Specific projects include examining social and psychological resources that protect well-being in the context of ageing-related changes and developing interventions to promoting engagement with life in older adulthood.

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