Beyond containing and concealing incontinence: Unraveling the nature of continence caregiving.

Presenter: Dr Joan Ostaszkiewicz, NARI

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About the presentation

This presentation will illuminate the hidden world of continence care – who performs this work, how it is performed, the challenges associated with continence caregiving, the strategies carers use to deal with these challenges, AND why it matters.

About the presenter

Dr Joan Ostaszkiewicz is a Registered Nurse with clinical and academic expertise in gerontological nursing education and research. Joan leads a program of research that aims to improve the quality of care for older people who require aged care services. Her research output includes; (i) a framework to promote dignity-protective continence care, (ii) a workforce model of care for the residential aged care, (iii) national resources for continence management in residential aged care facilities, (iv) evidence-based resources on continence care in acute, and sub-acute care settings, (v) a Grounded theory about providing continence care in residential aged care facilities.

Joan’s most recent research resulted in a new paradigm for the management of incontinence among care-dependent older adults in residential aged care homes, termed the ‘Dignity in Continence Care Framework’. The framework privileges the care-dependent person’s dignity as the main goal of care. She is translating this into a series of knowledge translation resources to support continence caregiving.

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