Increasing older adults’ access to memory interventions:  the Online Personalised Training in Memory Strategies for Everyday (OPTIMiSE) program

Presenter: A/ Prof Kerryn Pike, School of Applied Psychology, Griffith Centre for Mental Health, & Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University.

About the presentation

Although we have good evidence that memory interventions help maintain and improve cognitive health of older adults, these interventions are not always easy to access.  Delivery is usually face-to-face, which is resource intensive and restricts access for those with reduced mobility, limited transport, or residing in rural or remote areas, as well as additional issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Online interventions aim to overcome these barriers.  I will discuss the development and pilot evaluation of one such online intervention; the Online Personalised Training in Memory Strategies for Everyday (OPTIMiSE) program. We evaluated the feasibility, acceptability, and efficacy for older adults reporting cognitive change.  OPTIMiSE has the potential to enable access to an evidence-based memory intervention to older adults worldwide, even during the current pandemic and in a post-COVID-19 world.   This is particularly important for supporting the growing number of older adults living with cognitive concerns worldwide.

About the presenter

Kerryn is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Associate Professor at Griffith University whose research focuses on two broad strands of clinically relevant research: a) Neuropsychological and biomarker characterisation of subtle or mild cognitive impairment; and b) Interventions to improve cognition and mitigate any impacts in everyday life. She is one of the founders of the LaTCH memory management group program, designed to improve the everyday memory of older adults, including those with mild cognitive impairment. She is particularly interested in improving access to interventions and translating evidence-based neuropsychological interventions into clinical practice (implementation science) and is an expert member of the Australian Dementia Network (ADNET) Cognitive Interventions Working Party. She is also co-chair of the International Neuropsychological Society (INS)’s special interest group on Neuropsychological Intervention.

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