A Mixed-Methods Investigation of the Experiences of Migrant Care Workers Caring for People with Dementia in Australian Residential Aged Care Facilities

Presenter: Bola Adebayo, Curtin University

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About the presentation

The rising proportion of residents with dementia in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) necessitates complex care needs, aged care is undertaken by an increasingly multicultural workforce. However, little is known about the understanding and experiences of dementia care among migrant care workers and how stressors related to caring for residents with dementia intersects with their resettlement challenges and the effects on their retention in RACFs.  

This study investigated migrant care workers’ 1) knowledge of dementia; 2) experiences of dementia care in RACFs; 3) psycho-social wellbeing; and 4) working conditions. Using a two-phased approach, an explanatory sequential mixed methods design was conducted.  A national cross-sectional survey (Phase one), followed by semi-structured interviews (Phase two) with RACF migrant care workers from Indian, Filipino and Nigerian backgrounds were conducted in Perth, WA.   

The work stressors included negative behaviours from residents, family members and colleagues from dominant cultures towards migrant care workers.  Migrant care workers utilised coping strategies that enhanced their good self-reported mental and general health.  Additionally, some groups of migrant care workers are more vulnerable and require more additional support when compared to other groups of migrant care workers. A large proportion (60%) of migrant care workers intended to continue working in RACFs.

About the presenter

Bola Adebayo is a final year PhD candidate at the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine, Curtin University Western Australia (WA).  She is an overseas trained dentist from Nigeria. She completed a Master’s in Public Health from Edith Cowan University in WA. Her research interests are migrants’ health, dementia, oral health and aged care. She has written academic papers published in both international and Australian peer-reviewed journals.

Bola has worked in not-for-profit organisations, State and Local Government organisations and tertiary institutions including the University of Western Australia (UWA) and Curtin University. Currently, she is a Senior Research and Policy Officer at the City of Kwinana in WA.

Further information: [email protected]

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