Update on progress of the NHMRC-funded Successful AGEing (SAGE) yoga trial

Presenter: Professor Anne Tiedemann, The University of Sydney

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About the presentation

Falls can have devastating consequences for older people, often resulting in serious injury and lasting disability. Exercise that challenges balance can prevent falls. Yoga can provide a high challenge to balance, however the effect of yoga on falls has not been evaluated. The NHMRC-funded Successful AGEing (SAGE) yoga trial will establish the effect of a yoga exercise program compared to a yoga relaxation program on falls among 700 community-dwelling people aged 60+ years.

Recruitment to the trial is now complete, with follow-up due to finish at the end of 2022. Since the start of COVID19 pandemic, classes that were face-to-face are now delivered online via Zoom. The change to online classes has expanded recruitment locations and offered people in regional and remote settings the possibility to join. This presentation outlines the trial protocol, progress to date and key learnings regarding transitioning from face-to-face to online classes, including technology and ongoing support to engage older people and promote ongoing participation.

About the presenter

Anne Tiedemann, PhD, is Professor of Physical Activity and Health at the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, University of Sydney. Her research develops and evaluates scalable physical activity-based strategies to promote health and wellbeing and prevent falls in middle to older age. Professor Tiedemann’s current research projects include the first trial internationally to evaluate the effect of yoga on falls in people aged 60 years and older.

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