Transforming continence care in aged care

Presenter: Professor Joan Ostaszkiewicz and Elizabeth Watt, NARI

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About the presentation

This seminar presents a case for transforming the provision of continence care in residential aged care. The presenters describe current narratives about incontinence and continence care in residential aged care and present evidence to counter these narratives. They share their learnings from qualitative and co-design research conducted with residents’, residents’ families, family carers, and aged care staff, that have informed for a new way of thinking and framing continence care. This new paradigm could result in a transformative shift in education and practice that aligns with the proposed new Aged Care Act.

About the presenter

Professor Joan Ostaszkiewicz is the Director of Aged Care Research at the National Ageing Research Institute. She oversees a program of research that aims to improve older people's quality of care and quality of life and to support family and formal caregivers. The program encompasses research on dementia care, continence care, loneliness and social isolation, carer support, and the development and evaluation of knowledge resources to promote best practice. Her primary research expertise is in the management of incontinence in older people. Dr Ostaszkiewicz’ longstanding program of research in this area incorporates her clinical background as a Registered Nurse with extensive research training and experience in continence care. Joan is a national and international leader in her field and in 2020 was nominated as one of 50 researchers and clinicians whose research has shaped the treatment of incontinence and pelvic floor disorders over the last 50+ years.

Liz Watt is a Senior Research Fellow on the project - “Dignity in continence care in people with dementia and incontinence: Translating principles that protect dignity “. Liz is a Registered Nurse and has been a nurse academic for more than 30 years. She has lectured in both undergraduate and post-graduate nursing courses on campus and on-line. Liz has extensive experience in curriculum development and has researched and published in the areas urological and continence nursing, health assessment, clinical education, and health issues for people with acute and chronic illnesses. 

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