Design Ethnographic Research Approaches with Ageing People

Presenter: Dr Melisa Duque Hurtado, Monash University

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About the presentation

Melisa will present insights from her design research practice collaborating with ageing people. She will focus on how design ethnographic methodologies can be helpful for understanding seniors' experiences with healthcare services, and ‘smart home’ technologies. Three projects that Melisa will share insights from are:  

 Intelligent Home Solutions for Independent Living – Led by Associate Professor Yolande Strengers. Research report available at: Smart Homes for Seniors
•    Design for Wellbeing – Led by Professor Sarah Pink. Research report available to download here .
•    The Living Lab: Designing the Future of Aged Care - Led by Professor Daphne Flynn    

About the presenter

Melisa Duque is a Research Fellow of the Emerging Technologies Research Lab , and a full-time member based at the Department of Design MADA. As a design researcher, her work sits at the intersection of Design Anthropology, Participatory Design and Everyday Design. Her practice combines design ethnography and practice-based design methodologies. She is currently working in the areas of design for wellbeing, emerging technologies and sustainability. On the weekends she is a volunteer at the local op-shop where she did her PhD fieldwork which explored practices of Everyday Designing for Revaluing.

Further information: [email protected]

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