Tuesday 26 April 2022

Media Release

The National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ACH Group, one of South Australia’s leading aged care providers, bringing the organisations together to improve the health and wellbeing of older people.

The new agreement aims to strengthen the capacity of both organisations to jointly pursue research goals, provide expert leadership, and promote excellence in the field of ageing and aged care.

NARI Acting Director, Associate Professor Frances Batchelor, said the partnership will be invaluable to both organisations, fostering research and service delivery of the highest quality.

“By working closely with an aged care organisation like ACH Group, NARI will be able to embed our research into everyday practice. In this way, evidence-based interventions can be rolled out directly into care homes and services, and we can make positive change,” Associate Professor Batchelor said.

“Building relationships with industry bodies allows for vital progress to be made, with the input and consideration of those at the heart of our work – older people and their carers. This new agreement will help us continue with our strategic approach to knowledge transfer, education, training, and upskilling of health professionals.”

With both NARI and ACH Group focused on a consumer-led approach, the partnership will provide opportunities for new research, funding, and workforce capacity building, benefiting both parties and — most importantly — the older people they support.

“ACH Group has recently developed a research and development strategy and our new alliance with NARI will enhance our strong commitment to being evidence-based and data informed,” CEO of ACH Group, Frank Weits said.

“ACH Group is passionate about re-imaging aged care, including developing new models, technology and innovations to meet the changing needs of our customers.

“This collaboration will support ACH Group to make practical changes that will have a lasting positive impact on residents, home care customers, and carers.”

NARI says this agreement will help drive much-needed improvements in aged care services, combining NARI’s research-base and expertise with ACH Group’s practical settings, to evolve and transform the delivery of services to and for older people.

“Through our connection with ACH Group, NARI will be able to work closely with older people, their families, and their carers to understand what is important to them, and what actually works. We’re looking forward to creating long-lasting change for older people,” Associate Professor Batchelor said.

Media enquiries:

Olivia Joyce (NARI) – 0448 129 595

Lauren Bobrige (ACH Group) – 0417 856 361

About NARI
The National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) is Australia’s only independent national research institute dedicated to ageing. NARI is committed to improving the life and health of older people through research and its translation into evidence-based practice. For more information, please visit nari.net.au.

About ACH Group
ACH Group is a South Australian not-for-profit community organisation promoting opportunities and services to support good lives for older people since 1952. As well as accommodation options across Adelaide and the Fleurieu Peninsula, the group offers a range of health, wellbeing, respite, and help at home services, and social experiences. For more information, please visit ach.org.au.