Thursday 10 November 2022

Media Release

The National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) and leading in-home care provider, Silverchain, have received significant funding from Aged Care Research & Industry Innovation Australia (ARIIA), to support the advancement of in-home care.

The ARIIA grant – which is focused on supporting projects in areas of urgent and critical need – will provide almost $150,000 to the Implementing Technology-Supported Home-Based Care for Older Australians project, which aims to innovate the delivery of home care in Australia.

Project lead, NARI Associate Professor Frances Batchelor, says integrating technology into the delivery of home care will help alleviate strain on the aged care workforce.

“New thinking and solutions are required to bolster our aged care system. By adopting multidisciplinary methods for providing care, we can improve staff capacity and capability,” Associate Professor Batchelor said.

“Technology isn’t a one-stop solution to the system’s problems, but it can be an incredibly valuable tool for carers when combined with traditional approaches.”

Digitally-enabled care provides an opportunity to improve efficiency, enhance care prioritisation and ensure good care-coordination. It also delivers a range of benefits to aged care consumers, such as improved communication, reduced waiting time for services, and enables older people to have more control and input into their care.

“Many technologies are readily available. This research will help the aged care sector to understand how to effectively implement technologies into routine care.

“We are committed to digitally enabled care, and Silverchain’s dedicated community aged care teams will participate in the project, with researchers drawing expertise from the experience, education, skills and knowledge of our frontline workforce.”

Using co-design methods, NARI and Silverchain will identify the technological capacity of the aged care workforce to integrate technology into the care they provide in the home.

“Thank you to ARIIA for funding this important work, and supporting this new and significant partnership between NARI and Silverchain to deliver the best quality care to older Australians,” Associate Professor Batchelor said.

NARI Associate Professor Frances Batchelor and Silverchain Lead Researcher Professor Tanya Davison are available for interview.

NARI Media Contact: Olivia Joyce – 0448 129 595

Silverchain Media Contact: Montana Waters – 0409 200 275

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