23 May 2020

NARI is currently conducting an Australia-wide study of how COVID-19 is affecting the health and wellbeing of Australian adults. If you are aged over 18 years we want to hear from you!

Participation is via survey taken online or by pen-and-paper via mail. Questions cover general wellbeing, mental and physical health, activities such as exercise, whether people are isolating, and services used.

The study will measure effects on wellbeing across time, including while restrictions are in place, while they are partially lifted, and then in the recovery phases.

An initial survey will take 20-30 minutes, then participants can opt to complete shorter weekly surveys. Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, an optional 40-minute follow up interview will be offered.

Researchers in the UK and the USA are also conducting this study, so results can be compared between countries. They will help inform government decisions in Australia and internationally.

While the study is not specifically for older people, NARI is particularly interested in outcomes for older people.

For more information or to take the online survey: https://tinyurl.com/naricovid19

For a pen-and-paper option contact Dr Anita Goh: [email protected]