Hear the views of journalist Geraldine Doogue AO and CEO of COTA Australia, Patricia Sparrow

Conversationalist 1: Geraldine Doogue AO

Geraldine Doogue is a renowned Australian journalist and broadcaster. She currently works as a presenter for ABC Radio National Saturday Extra, specialising in foreign policy, regional issues, and agenda-changing commentators.

Geraldine has previously worked as a reporter for the “West Australian”, “The Australian”, 2UE, Channel 10 and as the Presenter/Creator of ABC RN’s Life Matters; host of ABC TV's Nationwide in the 1980s.

During her career, Geraldine has received numerous prizes and awards, including a United Nations Media Peace Prize and two Penguin Awards. In 2003, Geraldine was recognised with an Officer in the Order of Australia for her distinguished service on issues involving ethics, values, religion and social change. In 2018, she was admitted to the Australian Media Hall of Fame.

Conversationalist 2: Pat Sparrow

Patricia Sparrow is the CEO of COTA Australia, the peak body for older Australians. She takes a constructive approach to building an inclusive and bright future for older people. Her goal is to eliminate ageism, which should be as socially unacceptable as sexism and racism.

Committed to building a more inclusive Australia that appreciates and welcomes the contribution of older people, Patricia’s career spans community, disability, and aged care, health, and advocacy roles. She has experience from the perspective of not-for-profit, public service, advocacy, Ministerial office, and most importantly, as a support to her own ageing family members.

Patricia centres her work on the value of older people. Everyone deserves the benefit of older people we love in our lives. She has worked consistently to improve the choice and control older people have in their own lives, working to reform aged care to fund the individual’s care, rather than the provider. She sees real aged care reform, housing, the full recognition of First Nations peoples, and workplace ageism as the next big challenges.

Join us for our 2023 Conversation with Geraldine Doogue AO and Patricia Sparrow ageism and human rights for older adults.