25 October 2020


The National Ageing Research Institute has made significant contributions to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

We undertook commissioned research into integrated models for care, health and housing, as well as national surveys on quality of care for people living in residential care, and home and respite care.

The research will help inform recommendations by the Commission for aged care reform.

Models of care health and housing

Incorporating literature reviews on integrated care models and consultation with key experts and providers of integrated care in Australia, Research Paper 7 - Models of Integrated Care, Health and Housing, provides an overview and analysis of integrated models of care for older people, as they relate to health care, social care, and housing or accommodation in Australia.

Media release: New research: Models of integrated care, health and housing

Report: Models of integrated care health and housing

Inside the system: Aged care residents’ perspectives

This report presents the results of a survey designed to enable those living in residential aged care, including those living with cognitive decline, to express how they feel about their lives and the care they receive. To our knowledge, this is the first detailed study of its kind in Australia.

Media release: What it’s like for people inside the aged care system

Report: Inside the system: Aged care residents’ perspectives

Inside the system: Home and respite care clients’ perspectives

In this survey, telephone interviews were conducted between mid-April 2020 and early June 2020 with a randomly drawn representative sample of 1,223 respondents with questionnaires exploring quality of care, general life satisfaction, quality of life, and concerns and complaints.

Report: Inside the system: Home and respite care clients’ perspectives