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Collection of your information
The personal information you are providing to us on this form is collected for the primary purpose of helping us to match you to participation opportunities at NARI.

Sensitive information
As part of this process, we may collect sensitive information from you. This may include information about your race or ethnic origin, health, and other information relevant to your expression of interest that is included in the category of ‘sensitive information’ under the Privacy Act 1988. By expressing your interest in volunteering to participate in research opportunities, you consent to us collecting that information for the primary purpose described above.

Access and correction
The information you submit helps us match you to current and future research participation opportunities at NARI and is stored in electronic format on our database for the purpose of building a pool of potential volunteers. Your information will be stored securely, and will only be accessed by NARI employees with authority to do so for the purposes of research participation recruitment.

You may contact us to update your details at any time to ensure that the information NARI holds about you is complete, accurate and up to date. You may also request us to give you access to your personal information at any time, and, if you do not wish us to retain that information you may request us to remove it.

Further information and complaints
If you have any concerns or queries in relation to the Privacy of your information, please email us or contact us on 03 8387 2305.

A copy of our privacy policy, including complaint referral avenues, is available here: