Cultural diversity

Diagnosis and Access Through E-interpreting (DATE): improving service knowledge and access among older people with dementia from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

The DATE study explored the reliability and feasibility of e-interpreting, and its acceptability to clients, interpreters and clinicians. These protocol and summary protocol provide tips for using e-interpreting in home-based assessments. We developed these documents through in-depth interviews with our participants comparing their experiences of assessments administered through e-interpreting versus face-to-face interpreting.


DATE full protocol summary protocol

The Assessment of Older People with dementia and depression of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds: A review of current practice and the development of guidelines for Victorian Aged Care Assessment Services

This project sought to improve assessment practice of Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS) for CALD clients in relation to dementia and depression. A range of tip sheets were developed to guide ACAS clinicians in their day to day practice.

Tip sheets are available below.

Tip Sheet 1 - Assessing CALD Clients

Tip Sheet 2 - Working with interpreters

Tip Sheet 3 - Cognitive assessment 

Tip Sheet 4 - The Clock Drawing Test (CDT)

Tip Sheet 5 - The IQCODE (Short form)

Tip Sheet 6 - The Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) -15

Additional Web-based resources are also available.

For further information about the tip sheets and the project, contact Betty Haralambous (03) 8387 2331 or Freda Vrantsidis (03) 8387 2596.

Improving dementia detection rates in older Asian communities - An education program to improve referral to Memory Services for older people of Asian background living in Melbourne

People of diverse cultural backgrounds often present late for diagnosis of dementia resulting in unmet needs for the patients and their families. NARI developed a community-based education program to improve early dementia detection rates of older Chinese and Vietnamese speaking people living in Melbourne.

As part of the education program, two resource packs were developed, one for GPs and health professionals and the other for the community. These packs were based on findings from a literature review and community consultations.

What is dementia? - Alzheimer’s Australia information sheet 

English What is dementia

Chinese What is dementia

Vietnamese  What is dementia

Worried about your memory? - Alzheimer’s Australia brochure

English  Worried about memory