Elder abuse

An emerging field of research, elder abuse is any act occurring within a relationship where there is an implication of trust, which results in harm to an older person. NARI’s research in this area involves awareness-raising and advocacy, prevention and intervention.

For further information on these projects, please contact Associate Professor Briony Dow: B.Dow@nari.edu.au or Associate Professor Bianca Brijnath: B.Brijnath@nari.edu.au 

Seven years of elder abuse data in Victoria – report


A new report by Seniors Rights Victoria and the National Ageing Research Institute gives an overview of who experiences abuse, the perpetrators and risk factors.

Elder abuse in the context of dementia – films for service providers


People with dementia are especially vulnerable to elder abuse, particularly from family members and carers. When confronted with elder abuse, service providers may struggle to balance the carer’s needs and the older person’s rights. Three short films guide best-practice responses for service providers.

Elder Abuse Victoria Community Action Plan


The first action plan developed specifically to assist the community to tackle elder abuse in Victoria has been launched. The plan, developed by the National Ageing Research Institute with support from Seniors Rights Victoria, the Office of Public Advocate, and community service providers, identifies gaps and sets out 10 priorities.

Understanding elder abuse - scoping study


The Melbourne Social Equity Institute commissioned the National Ageing Research Institute to conduct a scoping study reviewing the published literature on elder abuse with speci c focus on intergenerational elder abuse, and the evidence supporting interventions to address this abuse. We thank Gandel Philanthropy for additional funding.

The Older Person's Experience - Outcomes of Interventions into Elder Abuse


On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day NARI and Senior’s Rights Victoria released “The Older Person’s Experience – Outcomes of Interventions into Elder Abuse”. The study aimed to better understand the older person’s experience of elder abuse, the interventions used to address elder abuse and the outcome of the intervention for ex-clients.