Healthy Ageing

Disseminating the Have A Try (HAT) exercise program and Healthy Ageing Quiz (HAQ) to older people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in Melbourne

For culturally and linguistically diverse groups, language and lack of cultural sensitivity are barriers to participating in health promotion activities. This project capitalised on the existing infrastructure of local council-supported social activity programs for seniors.

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Ageing Well at Home with Broadband

The Ageing Well at Home with Broadband (AWHB) project involved the development and implementation of a home exercise program using Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 gaming technology, delivered in real-time via the National Broadband Network (NBN).

“What Older People Want?” Outcomes from a consultation with older consumers about their priorities for research in ageing.

The year-long study highlighted consumers’ hopes for better quality of life in older age, the wish for independence and choice, maintaining physical and mental health, staying connected and well-coordinated person-centred care and services.

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Age Encounters: exploring age and intergenerational identity

Age Encounters was a video documentary project that explored questions of age, age discrimination and intergenerational relationships.

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Camping for Change

The primary aim of this project is to use the camp setting to help seniors flourish. We will offer an outdoor education program in a residential camp setting for 20 culturally diverse older people. Camps will offer a vibrant learning environment, which will stretch participants’ personal resources in demanding but stimulating way.

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