An unfortunate aspect of ageing is pain, which can be related to illness (included dementia) and injury, as well as age-related changes to muscles, bones and joints. As well as causing distress, chronic pain often occurs together with depression affecting a person’s wellbeing.

Project leader for the RCT of analgesic medications is Dr Steve Savvas.

Randomised Controlled Trial of analgesic medications to modify behavioral and psychological symptoms of Dementia

There is a growing recognition that the occurrence of agitation/aggression and other behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia may result from unmet needs, such as unrelieved pain. To date, there have been no randomised placebo controlled trials of analgesic medications shown to modify pain and thereby reduce BPSD.

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Pain, Depression and Dementia Project

Pain, depression and dementia are frequent comorbid conditions in residential aged care. Unfortunately, there have been relatively few studies that examine the relationship between pain and depression in persons with dementia and evidence to treat comorbid pain and depression is currently lacking.

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