Cultural diversity

The cultural diversity of Australia’s population is recognised by NARI researchers who continually consider how ageing might affect people from different backgrounds and experiences.

For further information on these projects, please contact Associate Professor Bianca Brijnath:

Improving dementia detection rates in older Asian communities - An education program to improve referral to Memory Services for older people of Asian background living in Melbourne

This community-based education project determined and implemented the most effective methods of improving early dementia detection rates in two rapidly growing older Asian communities, Chinese and Vietnamese, living in Melbourne. Resources are here.

The Assessment of Older People with dementia and depression of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds: A review of current practice and the development of guidelines for Victorian Aged Care Assessment Services

This project sought to improve dementia and depression assessment practices of the Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS) when working with older people from a CALD background and included surveys, focus groups and a literature review. To help guide ACAS clinicians assessment practices six tip sheets were developed and a list of web-based resources.