Aged care

The Australian aged care system includes a variety of residential and community care services providing extensive support to older people and their families. NARI's research in this area is enabled by strong links to service providers and a continuing commitment to improving the experience of people within the aged care system.

For further information on these projects, please contact Associate Professor Briony Dow:

Tapestry of care

NARI is collaborating with Royal Freemasons Ltd in the implementation and evaluation of an enhanced model of care for residential aged care.

Mapping the Journey in Residential Aged Care for Residents with Dementia

Royal Freemasons has partnered with NARI to investigate new approaches to deliver consumer directed residential aged care. NARI will evaluate the enhanced care program for residential services which includes Transition Maps, an information-rich yet simple tool to map, track and coordinate a resident’s journey in care.

Evaluation of general practitioner attitudes to telehealth for residential aged care

A pilot of telehealth was conducted by Inner North West Medicare Local in conjunction with residential aged care facilities. As part of the evaluation, NARI investigated general practitioner attitudes to the provision of their services via telehealth for residential aged care patients.

Development of national spiritual care guidelines for residential aged care

This project was needed because of a gap in the provision of spiritual care for older Australians. The project has developed guidelines for the spiritual care to older people.

“What Older People Want?” Outcomes from a consultation with older consumers about their priorities for research in ageing

Dementia, mental health, use of technology and the need for better person-focused health care are among the priorities for research in ageing according to Victorian consumers. The year-long study highlights consumers’ hopes for better quality of life in older age, the wish for independence and choice, maintaining physical and mental health.