2007 Publications

Book Chapters

Ames D, Flynn E. 2008. Management of late-life depression around the world: summary of international commentaries (Australia). In: Chew-Graham C, Baldwin R, Burns A. (Eds.) Integrated Management of Depression in the Elderly. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN: 978052168980-9, pp.140-143.

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Project Reports

Blackberry I, Galvin P, Bingham A, Hill K, Russell M, Liaw T, Taylor J. 2007. A literature review on falls prevention for older people presenting to Emergency Departments following a fall: effective approaches and barriers to best practice. Report to the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

Blackberry I, Galvin P, Hill K, Russell M, Liaw ST, Taylor J, de Mel G, Bingham A. 2007. Implementation of an evidence based falls risk screening and assessment for older people presenting to Emergency Departments after a fall. Report to the Australian Government

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Tinney J, Dowson L, Hempton C, Fearn M, Hill K. 2007. Report of Phase 2 of the Best Practice in Person-centred Health Care for Older Victorians. Report to the Victorian Government Department of Human Services.

Woodward M, Ames D, Kurrle S. 2007. New perspectives in Alzheimer’s disease: report on the 8th AD PD conference. Report to Pfizer/Zest.

Peer Reviewed Journals

Original Research Articles

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Review Articles

Ames D, Kaduszkiewicz H, Van den Bussche H, Zimmermann T, Birks J, Shah A. 2008. For Debate: is the evidence for the efficacy of cholinesterase inhibitors in the symptomatic treatment of Alzheimer’s disease convincing or not? International Psychogeriatrics, 20: 259-292.

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Non-Peer Reviewed Articles

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Book Reviews

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