What makes a good old age? Aged Care Roundtable Discussion Paper May 2018

It is time to rethink how aged care should be in Australia.

In May 2018, the National Ageing Research Institute brought together aged care leaders from around Australia to consider some of the burning issues in aged care in a bid to envisage what a future aged care system could look like. Twelve CEOs (or their delegates) participated in the discussion, representing aged care providers from Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. Roundtable participants considered the current aged care system, the policy context and demographics and likely demands and drivers into the future.

Three questions were presented to the Roundtable:

  1. What should a future aged care system look like in response to changing demographics and the current and future policy environment?

  2. What will be required to design the next generation of aged care services to meet this future?

  3. How can data help?

The ensuing discussion resulted in a number of ideas for action being identified. The most frequently endorsed being: the need for better understanding of what good ageing and good death looks like. All participants felt that we do not yet have a sufficient understanding of these issues.

Other important areas for action included: early prevention; home care packages, workforce; dementia care and the need for better data and access to data for timely analysis and use.

Roundtable DIscussion Paper on What Makes a Good Old Age?