Would you like to help improve end of life care services for older people?

MARC is seeking research participants to take part in a project to help improve end of life care services for older people.

The project will provide MARC researchers with information about how integrated services are and how well end of life care is communicated to older people, to families/carers and amongst care providers.

Project leader Sue Williams said that participants will play a critical role in helping to improve the care provided.

To participate in this part of the study, you need to be a family member or carer of a person aged 75 plus who has died in the past 12 months, and able to read and write in English.  

Participation will involve an interview of approximately one hour about your recent experiences of care services provided towards the end of your relative’s life.

To find out more about this project, contact Sue Williams (03) 8387 2614 or email s.williams@nari.edu.au, or go to www.nari.net.au/marc/our-research