Seed funding projects are underway

Two projects have started through the MARC seed funding program.

Dr Claire Maddison is being funded for a randomised controlled trial which includes a comprehensive geriatric assessment and interventions in older lung cancer patients.

Most cancers occur in older patients who often have complex care needs associated with comorbidity. This is not accurately captured by traditional oncologic assessments, resulting in inappropriate over- and under-treatment. In this worldwide first trial, Dr Maddison will assess the utility of comprehensive geriatric assessment to guide individual interventions targeting impairments. The aim is to improve quality of life in older lung cancer patients. This grant will enable Dr Maddison to extend the trial to a second site.

A/Prof Wendy Bower will tackle the impact of having a fall as a result of going to the toilet at night for older people in hospital. Despite over 75% of men and women over 70 years waking to go to the toilet, the impact on falls risk is under-recognised. Associate Professor Bower will consider the economics from both an individual and healthcare provider perspective.